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"An education system that works is the key to support more people in our community to be able to live a middle class lifestyle. Less than 27 % of adults over 25 years have achieved an education beyond a high school degree in our community. We must reverse Republican led education cuts, so that we can get arts and athletics back into the schools, and keep great teachers from leaving the field. Education from pre-K through the Universities, as well as on the job training and retraining programs need to be strengthened if we want our community to be prepared for tomorrow's jobs.

About 65% of new jobs are created by Small Business. In order for our community to thrive and economic development to be steady, our small business community needs to be empowered. As President of the Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce, I have seen too many startups who provided a necessary product fail. Big business has a place in our economy, but it is time for small business to also get access to incentives to help them remain solvent and grow. I will take my small business advocacy to Tallahassee. When small business succeeds, we have improved economic opportunity for all.

Living in these great United States, no one should have to die due to a curable disease, or go broke because they get sick. Access to affordable quality healthcare is required to have ACCESS to the American Dream. A level playing field for women in the workforce is mandatory. As an engineer in a male-dominated profession, I have experienced both environments where that works and where it doesn’t. I will draw from those experiences in Tallahassee to ensure we create policy to ensure opportunity and access to any group that suffers from being marginalized, not just women."


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